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At BidMonitor.com, the customer is the star. BidMonitor.com specializes in premium contextual advertising. They utilize superior analysis and classification algorithms to give you the best advertisements on the Internet.

Looking for a way to enhance the web value for both the advertisers and the consumers? BidMonitor.com specializes in doing just that. Their top of the line technology and expert staff combined behavioral data and contextual analysis; this also includes: historical performance metrics, audience profiling and demographic information. All of these are essential to online advertising. This will enhance the value for you and your company – you can bet on satisfaction.

Media Sources

  • Display
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • SEM

Any web publisher will probably end up using all of the contextual advertising and its methods to get rid of any backlogged inventory – any unsold products. It’s a great way to get rid of inventory that is costing you money. The publishing program for BidMonitor.com is good for creating much higher eCPMs – these are for higher quality web publishers and are perfect for using on any front fill inventory. 200 of the web’s largest online publishers are taking part in BidMonitor.com’s beta program in an effort to monetize their “display inventory.” All of the customers at BidMonitor.com are provided with expert advice, access to the best technology and monetization methods, and high quality service from their skilled staff. Their services are available to high quality web publishers, exclusively.

The BidMonitor.com program allows customers to use functions that will drive traffic to their websites. The program lets advertisers use contextual relevance and and other software to highlight ads from big dog advertisers and websites on the Internet. The program at BidMonitor.com can create ads based in text, flash creative designs or simple images. They can add amazing elements to hybrid ad units in real time. By extension, advertisers can choose CPA, CPM, CPC bidding models. This gives the advertiser (the customer) a great amount of flexibility when choosing their layout for the BidMonitor.com program.

BidMonitor.com is focused on becoming the number one provider of choice for online publishers. Their programs bring a new level of quality and intelligence into the playing field. They function by using backed research, state of the art technology, and propriety business.